March 21, 2011 Travis Dewitz


One of nature’s elements that I have been trying capture on film, is rain. Rain is hard to capture in a photo. If it is raining lightly, it just doen’t show up. If it is a big downpour, you definitely can see the rain but the rest of the picture will look washed out and will have loss of detail. One way I have learned to capture rain better is to show that it is raining other ways. One way is to make sure that you try to capture a wet look. I did that with this photo by having good color saturation. Colors are more saturated looking when wet. I also included the road surface which has pooling water and a sheen that shows that it is wet. The headlamps of the train reflecting off the road also gives the feel of how wet it is out. I also used a slow shutter speed for this shot which helps make the rain drops in the air more visable. The slower shutter speed also added a lot of interest to the photo by showing the motion of the Jeep. I also included the Jeep for some added color but most importantly to catch the feeling of a rain storm and wet roads by capturing the water that it is kicking up. I like photographing railroads in the rain because it shows the other side of the business that you do not see in photographs as often.

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