March 21, 2011 Travis Dewitz


This pacing shot was done by using some advice from“What Pans Out” May 2008 post. He made a very valid point about how diesel locomotive pacing shots are much less interesting then a steam locomotive pacing shot. I am not a big fan of steam locomotives but they will always look much more majestic in a pacing shot then diesel. I decided to try and make a diesel locomotive pacing shot as interesting as I could. My plan was to pace the train in a spot along the highway where the track grade went above the road. The spot I found for this shot was just North of Lake City, MN. This angle provided much more interest then a side on shot. What make this photo stand out was my luck of having this red truck pass me fast enough to be blurred also. This truck ended up breaking up the all green hillside. I was actually going 50 -55 mph when I was passed so I was surprised to be passed. The blurred background and foreground add a sense of some real speed. The truck also adds speed and motion along with some interest to the photo. The train coming out from behind the tree also adds the sense of it flying down the tracks. The only thing that could have made this photo better would have been white snow instead of the green hillside or maybe a different colored truck. I just love the feel of speed that this photo has.

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