April 17, 2011 Travis Dewitz

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It is very humbling for me to find blogs that have been written about my photography. I would like to share this blog post from the Rail Pix Critic’s Blog.

Here is a short excerpt from the his blog. You can also read his whole post at http://railpixcritic.blogspot.com/ .

Catching a snow plow snow blast at night had never occurred to me until I saw these two shots. Instead of the scene being too dark to catch the dynamism of the snow movement, it turns out that light sources shining through the snow from the back create a fascinating glow, and the lack of visible detail leads to greater abstraction. In the first show, the glow is great, the grabirons from the engine provide just enough presence (along with the ditch lights) to explain the scene, the car and structure (a sign?) establish the location, and the streaks of light along with the clumps of snow convey the energy and the motion.


Read the rest at http://railpixcritic.blogspot.com/



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