March 21, 2011 Travis Dewitz

Night Fuel Fill

This photo in second place on my favorite photo list behind my Emerging From the Fog shot. I love the mood of this shot. It has a lonely dark mood to it. It also shows another side to railroading. The locomotives and fuel truck draw your eyes to the fuel truck driver to the third of the photo. The night sky has some the interest of the telegraph poles and wires along with the moon since otherwise it would have been pretty bare. Going black and white really stengthened the mood also. The way the light is reflecting off the side of the locomotives adds a nice shine and reflection in the fuel tank. The light also brings out the detail in the locomotives trucks. The detail in the photo is incredible for being taken at night. You can see into the locomotive cab and see the cab detail and locomotive number. You an also look into the back of the fuel truck and see the pumps, plumbing, and gauges. I also like how the hose has a shine and also the way you can follow it around and upto the fuel tank where you can also see the reflection of it. The motion of the truck driver as he stands in the cold waiting for the tank to become full. The only part of the photo that could be better in my eyes would be having a better subject on the right lower side. This train was heading East from St. Paul, MN towards Chicago when they noticed the locomotive was low on fuel. They then had to make an unscheduled fuel fill in Altoona, WI. Since Altoona has no fuel on site anymore, so they had to call in there source that they use for the yard locomotives.

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