March 21, 2011 Travis Dewitz

Laser Sun Burst

The smallest detail in a photo can dramatically change any photograph. Without the sun, this shot would be just a typicalback lit shot with the only interest being the sense of motion caused by pacing the train with a slower shutter speed. That little orb of light dramatically changes this photo and adds a lot of interest. The sun adds a nice splash of orange color to an otherwise unsaturated photo. That small splash of color adds a pop and greatly increases the interest in the photo. The star burstaffect of the sun makes it even more interesting then just an orange ball of light. Not only is the color and start burst effect a big factor to the image but the placement plays a big part. The timing of the shot placed the sun right at the top of the rails and directly at the forward most part of the lead locomotive. With the sun in this location, your eye is drawn right to it and the main subject of the shot. From there your eye is drawn to the right with it’s orange laser beam of light under the locomotives. That light under the train also emphasis’ the detail of the the spinning wheels. All of this light and color is contained in the photo by the textured clouds and the track and earth. In the end, that small detail really isn’t a small detail. The sun makes this shot what it is one of the most important details of the shot. Sometimes the smallest details end up being the biggest players in a photograph.


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